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Workshops and Short Courses

The Utah Geospatial Consortium offers a growing lineup of tutorials, short courses, and trainings. Check back here for our upcoming offerings, or follow us on Twitter @USUgeospatial to stay in the loop.

25 February 2020: USU Datapalooza

USU DatapaloozaThis half-day workshop, hosted by the USU Merrill-Cazier Library, will cover aspects of best practices for data management, data reproducibility/confirmation, and data storage/archiving. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

19 March 2020, 8:30am - 12:30pm: GIS Data Workshop for Natural/Physical Sciences

GIS Workshop

This half-day tutorial course is co-taught by faculty from natural resources and the USU library and is also available to distance campuses via broadcast technology. The course is intended for beginners in GIS; this includes those with little or no experience in spatial data collection and analysis, but who would like to learn about where to find spatial data and how to construct basic maps (for example, for publications or presentations).

It’s split into three parts: (1) where can you find data on natural/physical science, and how can you download/obtain those data, (2) once you’ve got data, how can you display and analyze it in a geographic information system, and (3) how can you archive and preserve your data and analysis so it’s reproducible and accessible by others? This course is geared toward natural and physical scientists and the particular types of data they might encounter.


Spring Semester, 2020: Unmanned Aerial Systems Course

GIS Workshop

This course will cover the basics of drone operation and certification for drone piloting. Classes are held on campus in Logan and will also be broadcaste to USU's statewide campuses. To register, contact Andrew Wesemann at